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Quotes.gifThe fact that Westfalia was the first Fairtrade-accredited avocado source in the world speaks volumes about our commitment to our people and our communities, as well as to the environment. With over 5000 staff in the HMH Group’s employ in South Africa, and many more across the world, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels, but will continue forging relationships and making mea​ningful contributions as the Group expands its footprint and enriches its legacy. Quotes.gif
- Claus Lippert, CEO of HMH​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Introducing our single-serve guacamole six-pack our single-serve guacamole six-packIdeal for single servings and perfect for picnics and camping, the 6x60g plain guacamole tubs deliver the same luxurious texture and delicious taste as Westfalia’s traditional 200g tubs.string;#05 December 2018
Westfalia’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is launched in the UK’s-Extra-Virgin-Avocado-Oil-is-launched-in-the-UK.aspxWestfalia’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is launched in the UKSuitable for high-heat cooking, the 100% pure avocado oil is cold pressed to preserve the natural benefits of the fruit. string;#08 November 2018

Learn more about our Mission Statement, Our Values and Our Group Objectives... read more​​​


Community Development in South Africa

Local youthWestfalia prides itself as being one of the leading agricultural companies in South Africa with a strong Corporate Social Investment programme that seeks to improve the lives of the communities in which we operate. This is achieved through the delivery of sustainable social programmes the impact of which is measured year on year.

At the centre of this robust programme is our partnership with our customers Albert Heijn and Waitrose through their foundations that make funding available to bring such initiatives to fruition. Another central factor is worker participation, which ensures that the programmes delivered are indeed relevant to communities in which we operate.

Westfalia South Africa operates a Community Development Department that liaises with community stakeholders at municipal, provincial and national government levels. A number of highly successful projects have been undertaken over the years, including:

  • Crèche, pre-school and wellness centre facilities at Westfalia Estate;
  • Sewing and beading projects at Everdon Estate;
  • Vegetable-growing project in the Makgoba village on Westfalia Estate;
  • A garment-making course where 150 Westfalia employees were taught sewing skills for domestic and commercial purposes;
  • A six-month technical skills development programme that saw 180 farm employees receive training in welding, carpentry, bricklaying, electrical, plumbing and automotive maintenance;

  • A winter school and vocational guidance holiday programme for children of Westfalia workers from Grade 3 to Grade 12;

  • A Scholar and Worker transport project in which scholars are transported daily to school while sick employees are transported to neighbouring hospitals for medical care;

  • A feeding project enabling the provision of four meals a day to the 73 children of Westfalia workers who attend the Crèche while their parents are at work.

 Community Facilities


​​ Fundani Nonke Resource Center Built on Westfalia land in 2009 using supplementary funding from Dutch retail chain Albert Heijn, the Fundani Nonke Resource Centre is located within close proximity of five villages and the adjacent state school, Tsaneng Combined School, in the Modjadjiskloof area near Tzaneen in the Limpopo province. Read more...


WELLNESS SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT Westfalia Fruit’s Wellness Sustainability project, initiated in 2008, continues to i​​mprove the general health and wellness of the workforce through annual HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, prevention programmes and subsidisation of medication for infected workers. Read more...



DAY CARE CENTRE Located on Westfalia Estate in Modjadjiskloof, the Westfalia Crèche cares for around 70 children comprising the offspring of Westfalia employees living on the Group’s own farms and in villages in the surrounding areas. Established in May 2006 as a collaboration between Westfalia, the Waitrose Foundation and Fairtrade, this day care centre provides educational and play facilities as well as balanced meals throughout the day. Read more...​​

 Community Development

Emerging Farmer Support in South Africa

Westfalia has in the past provided support in the form of training and facilitation of market access to black emerging farmers located in a northern part of the Limpopo province called the Vhembe District. These farmers received accredited training on various technical and management aspects of avocado production and have visited related businesses such as the Perishable Product Export Control Board (PPECB), as well as local and international markets to which Westfalia exports.

Project Forum in South Africa

Westfalia’s community development projects are identified, prioritised and implemented by a Joint Committee consisting of elected employee representatives and a management representative. This Joint Committee meets monthly to plan, review and monitor the progress made on various community-related, funded projects. The representatives have a responsibility to provide feedback to the broader employee workforce.

Workers’ Committees in South Africa

Westfalia promotes staff interaction through workers’ committees, which are made up of representatives elected by the staff in different sections of the farm and factory operations. These representatives meet with the relevant management on a monthly basis to discuss issues of concern to the staff. Management also uses this forum to bring issues to the attention of the staff.

These representatives are elected annually by the staff. The workers’ committee members are trained to ensure that they understand their responsibilities in representing the staff, which include, among other things, wage negotiations, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

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