Sustainable avocado production avocado production​Through advanced horticultural and technological practices, Westfalia Fruit supplies a variety of avocado cultivars to markets all over the world.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocados.aspx" title="Westfalia Avocados">More</a>
Mango Magic Magic​Westfalia Fruit supplies prime-quality fresh mangoes to various retailers in different geographies. Mangoes are ideal for replenishing salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Mangoes.aspx" title="Magic Mangoes">More</a>
Packed with good stuff!! with good stuff!!​Ideal for cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, frying and roasting, Westfalia Fruit avocado oils are naturally cholesterol free and contain antioxidants such as vitamin E<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocado-Oils.aspx" title="Avocado Oil">More</a>



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Westfalia is part of the HMH Group

​​Westfalia is part of the HMH GroupHans Merensky Holdings​ (HMH) is a leading vertically-integrated producer, distributor and marketer of a wide range of agricultural and timber products and services. The Company comprises several distinct businesses that serve niche fruit sectors, particularly avocados, as well as hardwood and Pine timber markets.

HMH employs approximately 5,500 people across its operating geographies, generating consolidated revenue in 2016 of R9bn from operations located in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, AustriaSouth Africa, Mozambique, USA, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

The Company was founded in 1949 by Dr Hans Merensky, and has since established a strong track record in the horticultural and timber sectors. Thro​ugh sustained long-term investment in its owned, quality plantations and fruit orchards, HMH has gained scale and realised value from its globally recognised in-house R&D capability and established value chain management.

A privately-owned company headquartered in Parktown, South Africa, HMH’s net asset value has grown significantly, reaching R3.2bn in 2016. Its shareholders include the Hans Merensky Foundation​, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Vuka Forestry Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Women Investment Portfolio Holdings​ (Pty) Ltd, and HMH staff.

HMH is committed to the principles of sustainable business that is socially and environmentally responsible, and the principles of hygienic and safe food processing and fair human resource management principles are upheld throughout. Compliance with global standards of sound production and distribution practices is rigorous, while a deep commitment to scientific research and practical innovation is fundamental to its continued success.

South Africa: +27 11 381 5750
North America
California: +1 805 212 7236
Austria: +43 1 615 0670
France: +33 14 686 7177
Netherlands: +31 174 637 800
UK: +44 13 224 25555
South America
Chile: +562 243 13200
Colombia: +57 4 530 1706
Peru: +511 243 7840