Sustainable avocado production avocado production​Through advanced horticultural and technological practices, Westfalia Fruit supplies a variety of avocado cultivars to markets all over the world.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocados.aspx" title="Westfalia Avocados">More</a>
Mango Magic Magic​Westfalia Fruit supplies prime-quality fresh mangoes to various retailers in different geographies. Mangoes are ideal for replenishing salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Mangoes.aspx" title="Magic Mangoes">More</a>
Packed with good stuff!! with good stuff!!​Ideal for cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, frying and roasting, Westfalia Fruit avocado oils are naturally cholesterol free and contain antioxidants such as vitamin E<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocado-Oils.aspx" title="Avocado Oil">More</a>





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Westfalia Fruit spices up its guacamole packaging Fruit spices up its guacamole packagingOur guacamole packs filled with the goodness of real avocados are now sporting a new look that's hitting the shelves around South Africa.string;#08 August 2018
Westfalia Fruit partners with Agricom in Latin America Fruit partners with Agricom in Latin AmericaWestfalia Fruit has concluded a transaction with Chile-based fruit-supply group Agricom that secures the resulting partnership a leading position in global avocado supply.string;#08 January 2018

We Pack and Process​

We Pack

We Pack and Process​ The Westfalia Group’s packhouses are among the best equipped in the world. Many of the operational practices were specifically developed for the unique conditions and logistic challenges of trading in sensitive fruit such as avocados.

We Pack and Process​ The packhouses are driven by the dynamic market environment and, while the operations are flexible, they are able to deliver fruit consistently to exacting specifications and on time. Fruit can be packed into a variety of bulk and retail containers, from netting bags and corrugated cartons to twin-packs and flow-wrapped trays.

Grower information is printed on the packaging in order to ensure that all Westfalia fruit can be traced back to its orchard of origin. Westfalia accreditations are audited by independent third parties and include BRC Global Standards, which is a system of ensuring the production of safe food products​ ​

We Process

We Process Avocado oil, frozen puree and guacamole, IQF pieces and dried mango are processed and packed in the Westfalia processing plants. Crude oil, refined oil and cold-pressed avocado oil are produced in our internationally accredited facilities. The oil is sold to the cosmetic industry and the food industry in both local and overseas markets.

Avocado oil is produced at the Everdon Estate facilities near Howick in KwaZulu-Natal an​​d in Modjajiskloof near Tzaneen on the farm Westfalia Estate. Guacamole (avocado purée) and IQF pieces are processed in the Westfalia factory in Politsi, also near Tzaneen.  
Westfalia Guacamole is derived from the flesh of ripe Hass avocados. Carefully blended with a unique selection of herbs and spices, the range includes Plain, Spicy, Sweet Chilli Salsa and Biltong-Flavoured variants. It is Halaal and Kosher certified, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.​ Westfalia Guacamole is available ready-to-eat in retail tubs of 60g, 160g, 200g and 227g.​

Westfalia’s in-house quality-assurance practices and onsite microbiological laboratory ensure world-class, BRC-certified factory hygiene and outstanding food safety. The avocado pulp is prepared from sound, properly-ripened fruit that has been sorted, washed, peeled, de-stoned and pulped. The appropriate ingredients are added per batch. The product is then packaged and blast-frozen to preserve its many nutritional benefits. High-pressure processing is also available. 

​Westfalia’s guacamole or avocado purée has a typical fresh, buttery avocado flavour, with a natural, light-green colour. Minimal or no preservatives are added.  We have both standard recipes and can produce according​ to a specific requirement or specification. 

Catering or bulk-pack formats include 500g, 1kg (2.2lb) and 3kg (6.6lb) pouches in plain polyester, aluminum foil polypropylene or transparent polypropylene. All packaging is food grade. ​Frozen purée should be stored in a freezer at minus 18°C (minus 68°F) and then defrosted overnight in a refrigerator for best results. Westfalia’s guacamole or avocado purée is certified Kosher and Halaal​.

High-pressure processing (HPP) technology creates an all-natural and safe process for preserving foods through the use of high-pressure cold water instead of heat, chemicals or other processes that can damage natural flavours. HPP gives avocado purée or guacamole an appetising, fresh taste without the need for preservatives or other additives. The HPP process kills naturally-occurring bacteria, including salmonella, which can cause food deterioration and affect food safety. At the same time HPP preserves taste, texture and naturally-occurring nutrients. The packaging available for HPP avocado purée or guacamole includes 500g, 1kg and 3kg bags for bulk orders and 60g, 160g, 200g and 227g tubs for retail orders.

Individually quick frozen (IQF) avocado products are prepared from sound, properly-ripened fruit that has been sorted, washed, peeled and de-stoned. The avocado is then cut into slices or diced, with the pieces dipped in a mixture of ascorbic acid and citric acid before being blast frozen. The product is then filled into bags. Packaging for IQF avocado products is in 1kg bags, with six 1kg bags per carton, and 84 cartons per pallet.​​ ​​ Other IQF produce options are also available.​

Dried mango is produced at factories at Politsi, Hoedspruit and Mussina in the Limpopo province. At the factory in Hoedspruit, conventional mango is dried and packed for retail or bulk supply. Westfalia is a leading dried mango supplier in Africa.

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