Sustainable avocado production avocado production​Through advanced horticultural and technological practices, Westfalia Fruit supplies a variety of avocado cultivars to markets all over the world.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocados.aspx" title="Westfalia Avocados">More</a>
Mango Magic Magic​Westfalia Fruit supplies prime-quality fresh mangoes to various retailers in different geographies. Mangoes are ideal for replenishing salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Mangoes.aspx" title="Magic Mangoes">More</a>
Packed with good stuff!! with good stuff!!​Ideal for cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, frying and roasting, Westfalia Fruit avocado oils are naturally cholesterol free and contain antioxidants such as vitamin E<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocado-Oils.aspx" title="Avocado Oil">More</a>





GEM Cultivar Gallery/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=101&RootFolder=/en-za/Media/Image Gallery/Products Gallery/Products/0377.jpgGEM Cultivar
Carmen avocado Gallery/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=50&RootFolder=/en-za/Media/Image Gallery/Products Gallery/Products/Avo on plate.jpgCarmen avocado
Avocados Gallery/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=51&RootFolder=/en-za/Media/Image Gallery/Products Gallery/Products/Avocados.jpgAvocados
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Introducing our single-serve guacamole six-pack our single-serve guacamole six-packIdeal for single servings and perfect for picnics and camping, the 6x60g plain guacamole tubs deliver the same luxurious texture and delicious taste as Westfalia’s traditional 200g tubs.string;#05 December 2018
Westfalia’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is launched in the UK’s-Extra-Virgin-Avocado-Oil-is-launched-in-the-UK.aspxWestfalia’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is launched in the UKSuitable for high-heat cooking, the 100% pure avocado oil is cold pressed to preserve the natural benefits of the fruit. string;#08 November 2018




Avocado, Feta and Baby Spinach on Ciabatta Bread,-Feta-and-Baby-Spinach-on-Ciabatta-Bread.aspxAvocado, Feta and Baby Spinach on Ciabatta Bread
Avocado and Chicken Wrap with Chilli Mayonnaise and Chicken Wrap with Chilli Mayonnaise
Avocado and Tomato Tart and Tomato Tart
Avocado Cajun Scrambled Eggs Cajun Scrambled Eggs
Avocado Frittata with Sundried Tomatoes, Feta and Olives,-Feta-and-Olives.aspxAvocado Frittata with Sundried Tomatoes, Feta and Olives
Avocado Ice Cream Ice Cream

We Sell and Ship​

Fresh Fruit Marketing

We Sell and ShipBased in Tzaneen in the Limpopo province, Westfalia Marketing Africa (WMA) is ideally situated to source avocados and mangoes for export from Africa to Europe. WMA is the largest exporter of South Afr​ican avocados and also supplies directly to retailers and other customers. The product range includes avocados, mangoes, litchis and citrus fruit. ​

For details of our other international marketing operations, click on More Contacts below. 



Boyum Details/DispForm.aspx?ID=2BoyumWestfalia Marketing AfricaSouth AfricaMarketing - Local and Export<div class="ExternalClassCC14C4FBC9F944A68F493F50A157B2DD"><p>​Avocados, Mangoes</p></div>Hans 15 307 5253


Through our dedicated sales offices in the Netherlands, England (Greencell), France (Comexa), Austria, Colombia, Chile (Agricom), Peru (Camet Trading), California and South Africa, we market fruit produced across the globe, and service most major re​tailers. The Middle and Far Eastern markets are also important, as are other developing markets like India.

A logistics management and procurement specialist, we maintain strong partnerships throughout our integrated supply chain. Westfalia Fruit’s fresh fruit marketing channels provide:

  • Global sourcing;
  • Direct access to key marketing channels in Europe and the USA, inter alia;
  • Strategic supplier services to retail; and​
  • Strategic partnerships with producers.

Supplying directly from our own world-class avocado farms and from those of our strategic global partners, Westfalia has earned the reputation of providing our customers with quality fruit all year round. Product support, development, quality and food safety assurance, together with highly-valued business relationships with our customers, guide us in providing a reliable service.

Westfalia differentiates itself through its ability to supply customers with organic and conventional avocados with the following internationally-recognised accreditations: Fairtrade, GLOBALGAP, Tesco Nurture, LEAF, Organic, BRC, Farming for the Future, EC Reg 2092-91 and HACCP.  

Westfalia offers: ​

  • Hands-on knowledge of orchard and post-harvest technology;
  • In-depth experience of orchard management with direct knowledge of grower conditions;
  • Direct participation in full logistical-chain risk management;
  • Fully-integrated channels from orchard to retail distribution centre;
  • Direct real-time knowledge of markets;
  • Experience with on-the-floor market conditions and dynamics;
  • Matching of actual market needs and opportunities with on-the-spot fruit supply;
  • Proven reliable and consistent supply to retail programmes;
  • Trustworthy quality with source traceability and full logistic-chain quality-assurance programmes ensuring food safety and dynamic risk management;
  • Custom distribution solutions for clients;​
  • Category-management services;
  • Economies of scale; and​
  • Strategic partnerships with key players.

South Africa: +27 11 381 5750
North America
California: +1 805 212 7236
Austria: +43 1 615 0670
France: +33 14 686 7177
Netherlands: +31 174 637 800
UK: +44 13 224 25555
South America
Chile: +562 243 13200
Colombia: +57 4 530 1706
Peru: +511 243 7840