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Westfalia Nursery

Westfalia Nursery is situated on Westfalia Estate, between Modjadjiskloof and Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, 400km north-east of Johannesburg... read more​​

Westfalia Farms​

Westfalia Farms

Westfalia Fruit operates various avocado estates located on different continents. In South Africa, farms are situated in the Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces. Orchards are currently being established on Zembe Farm in Mozambique, while the Group also has several farming assets in Colombia in South America.​


The geographical spread of operations provides Westfalia with the ability to stretch its production season over a longer period of time – an important factor in the supply of fruit for 12 months of the year. Growing fruit in different areas also minimises climatic risks. Both organic and conventional avocados are produced and sourced, together with conventional macadamia nuts.


Westfalia’s orchard-management approach is fully compliant with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which ensures safe farming for the consumer, employees, community and the environment – making us better neighbours.


Westfalia Estate is situated on the foothills of the Drakensberg escarpment near Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province, in the northern regions of South Africa. This farm was home to Dr Hans Merensky, arguably the most successful geologist in South African history, and is the centre of Westfalia’s South African agricultura​l operations. Westfalia Estate has been declared a Natural Heritage Site and demonstrates the achievement of a balance between indigenous forest (natural vegetation), sustainable agriculture and forestry – the vision of the organisation’s founder Dr Hans Merensky.

In previous years, citrus was the main agricultural crop at Westfalia Estate. However, due to greening disease, citrus production was phased out, with the last trees being removed in the early 1960s. Since then the avocado has been the predominant agricultural crop. Other subtropical crops cultivated on a smaller scale are litchis and macadamias.

The 300 hectares of Macnoon Estate lie nestled among Westfalia’s existing avocado assets in Modjadjiskloof. The original farmlands incorporated 130 hectares of cultivated land, featuring avocado, macadamia and lime orchards, as well as some forested areas. Today the farm features 240 hectares of avocado orchards, planted using the Dusa® rootstocks developed exclusively by Westfalia Technological Services. The majority of these trees are Hass, with Carmen®-Hass planted in lower-lying areas that are prone to frost in winter.

An offshore storage dam, located at the highest point on the property, enables gravity-fed watering throughout the estate. The dam is fed via a 4km pipeline from nearby Merensky Dam. Macnoon will soon start to play an increasing role in helping Westfalia to secure its year-round supply of high-quality avocados for the South African and overseas markets.

In 2011 Westfalia entered into a partnership with the Eloff family and employees (Badirammoho Trust) on a 1 376ha farm near Morebeng (formally Soekmekaar). The farm is referred to as Agrivet and grows 190ha of late-season avocados, small areas of granadilla and guava and has an extensive nature conservation area with kudu, blesbok, bush buck and numerous other small game. Fruit is supplied to the Westfalia packhouse and complements the existing early-season supply from Goedgelegen and mid-season supply from Westfalia Estate.

Everdon EstatesOverlooking the Albert Falls Dam, Everdon Estates is located five kilometres from Howick in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands, close to the port city of Durban, South Africa. It has been declared a Site of Conservation Significance by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Nature Conservation.

Everdon was acquired in 1984 to extend Westfalia’s avocado season. The fruit matures at this picturesque location later than in the main production areas of the north-eastern areas of Limpopo, making it possible to extend the picking season by two to three months – an important factor in supplying avocado-marketing programmes.

While some organic orchards are still maintained at Everdon, newly-developed late-season cultivars such as Gem® are now a significant focus on the estate as they enable Westfalia to further extend the avocado season and ensure a 12-month supply to its partner customers in South Africa and abroad.

In 1992, Westfalia acquired the farm Goedgelegen, which is situated in the Mooketsi Valley, north-west of Modjajiskloof in a much drier and warmer climate than at Westfalia Estate, but cooler than other competing farms. Early-season avocados and late-season mangoes are produced here. This farm obtains its water from the Kudus River.

Operations at Westfalia Fruto Moçambique’s Zembe farm have started, with the new orchards being planted mainly to Hass, with an area of Carmen®-Hass. The early seasonality will play a key role in Westfalia Europe’s position in the market, combined with the competitive advantage of production in a climatic zone well suited to avocados.

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