Sustainable avocado production avocado production​Through advanced horticultural and technological practices, Westfalia Fruit supplies a variety of avocado cultivars to markets all over the world.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocados.aspx" title="Westfalia Avocados">More</a>
Mango Magic Magic​Westfalia Fruit supplies prime-quality fresh mangoes to various retailers in different geographies. Mangoes are ideal for replenishing salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise.<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Mangoes.aspx" title="Magic Mangoes">More</a>
Packed with good stuff!! with good stuff!!​Ideal for cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, frying and roasting, Westfalia Fruit avocado oils are naturally cholesterol free and contain antioxidants such as vitamin E<a href="/en-za/Products/Pages/Avocado-Oils.aspx" title="Avocado Oil">More</a>


Breakfast and Beverages​



Avocado Cajun Scrambled Eggs Cajun Scrambled EggsTasty cajun spiced scrambled eggs with fresh thick avocado slices. Only takes a few minutes to prepare.
Avocado Frittata with Sundried Tomatoes, Feta and Olives,-Feta-and-Olives.aspxAvocado Frittata with Sundried Tomatoes, Feta and OlivesA delicious start to the day, packed with flavour, colour and healthy ingredients.
Avocado Yoghurt with Toasted Nuts, Omega 3 seeds and Superfruit Berries,-Omega-3-seeds-and-Superfruit-Berries.aspxAvocado Yoghurt with Toasted Nuts, Omega 3 seeds and Superfruit BerriesBeat the cereal blues with this tasty and nutritious berry-licious breakfast - prepared in a flash.
Fresh Avo Flapjacks Avo Flapjacks​An exotic twist to a family favourite ​
Mango Daiquiri DaiquiriCool refreshing Mango Daiquiri for the hot summer days. Preparation time: 1 hour 15 minutes​
Crushed Avocado & Ricotta Breakfast Avocado & Ricotta BreakfastIf you love Eggs Benedict, but avoid making hollandaise sauce and poaching eggs – here’s a quick and simple alternative.

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