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Avozilla: the world’s largest avocado’s-largest-avocado.aspxAvozilla: the world’s largest avocadoThe aptly-named giant avocado 'Avozilla' caused a social media storm after it was released in limited numbers at Tesco stores in the UK for £3 apiece.string;#01 August 2013
Colombian growth to strengthen supply growth to strengthen supply​Colombia as a country is a relatively new player in the Hass avocado market, but during the past few years a large area has been planted. This area is estimated to be in the region of 9000ha of Hass.string;#01 February 2014

Gem-Black-Sml.png  GEM®​ - The Gourmet Avocado


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Consumers love the smooth flesh of the GEM® with its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture, and they enjoy its buttery taste and subtle nutty aroma.​This ovoid Hass-like avocado has green skin which turns blackish-purple when ripe, with characteristic yellow flecks or lenticels that makes the fruit stand out from other avocados. 

GEM​® fruit hangs on the tree much longer than Hass without compromising fruit quality, so it allows growers to offer fruit of excellent quality during seasons when limited fruit is available. The fruit is hand-picked to ensure the cultivar receives optimal care.

GEM​® is currently farmed by an elite group of licensed growers (including Westfalia) throughout the world. Westfalia partners with accredited and loyal growers to ensure proper development of the cultivar.​

GEM CultivarTechnical information on the tree and fruit of the avocado cultivar branded as GEM® A summary of information gathered internationally on the behaviour of the tree and fruit; highlighting the advantages of this cultivar compared to other commercial varieties available currently.

True to its name, GEM​® is an avocado that delivers optimal enjoyment when harvested and ripened at the right time, which is often when other varieties are already past their prime. With its grassy, nutty aromas and earthy undertones, GEM​®​​ flesh is rich and creamy with a melt-in-the-mouth buttery texture. GEM​®​​ has a thicker skin than other black-skinned varieties, which allows the flesh to be easily scooped out. GEM​®​​’s characteristic yellow lenticels remain prominent on the dark skin of ripened fruit.

Consumers surveyed by a leading UK retailer found GEM​® avocados to have smooth, moist flesh with a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture, and they enjoyed the slightly sweet taste and subtle nutty aroma. Independent tests conducted by a certified UK laboratory produced similar findings, with GEM​®​​ scoring higher than Hass in flavour, texture and mouth feel.

GEM​® came about as a result of the University of California Riverside’s avocado-breeding programme. A particularly promising batch of avocado seedlings, called ‘3-29-5’, was selected from a Ventura County test orchard by Dr Berthold O Bergh and Gray E Martin (initials GEM). The first 3-29-5 trees were top-worked in 1992 at UCR’s South Coast Research Centre. In 1995 3-29-5 material was imported into South Africa under a Non Propagation & Testing Agreement between UCR and Westfalia Technological Services (WTS). In 1999 the first 3-29-5 fruit was picked on a Westfalia farm.

In 2002, a US Plant patent application for 3-29-5 was filed, and in 2003 an application was filed for South African Plant Breeders Rights. PBR filing in other countries followed. A trademark GEM​®​​ was subsequently registered to be used for fruit of the cultivar that meet certain quality criteria.

In 2006 the University of California appointed WTS under an exclusive licence to develop the cultivar in sub-Saharan Africa.

​In 2011, the University of California signed an exclusive licence agreement with Westfalia Fruit Estates to develop and market 3-29-5 internationally. Westfalia was appointed as the primary licensee for GEM​® around the world.

GEM CultivarDr Mary Lu Arpaia gives a short history on the development of GEM® in California, USA from the first selection to the development of the trademark that is linked to this selection.

GEM CultivarThe biggest GEM® grower in California to date gives his perspective on the selection and why they have opted to plant GEM® in a Hass dominated market.

Westfalia Fruit is the international manager of this exciting avocado variety. For more than 20 years, Westfalia’s research team tracked the performance of this variety before its commercial release in South Africa in 2010. Westfalia Fruit is now allowing the controlled testing and release of this variety throughout the world. We license growers in strategic growing areas to produce the fruit for specific markets. To download a technical document on growing GEM​®, click​ here.

To browse all of our existing avocado recipes, which are perfectly suited to GEM​® avocados, go to our Recipes page. ​



We’d love to hear from you, so please drop us an email at​ and share your experience of GEM​®​ avocados, what you did or didn​’t enjoy and what recipes you’ve tried. Thank you! ​

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