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Westfalia Fruit concluded a transaction with Chile-based fruit-supply group Agricom in January 2018 that secures the resulting partnership a leading position in global avocado supply. The transaction aligns the two organisations’ interests in the Americas in order to maximise synergies, building on their common legacies of innovation and sustainability, while delivering a reliable supply of quality avocados and other produce to better serve their customers in global markets.

Founded in 1980 by entrepreneur Rodrigo Barros, Agricom pioneered the production and export of Chilean fresh fruit to become one of the country’s leading fresh fruit exporters. In 2005, the Santiago-based firm established a very important strategic alliance in Mexico with Aztecavo, a prominent Mexican-owned exporter of avocados. Agricom also has interests in other Latin American countries including Peru (Incavo). Agricom currently exports avocados, lemons, mandarins, stone fruit, apples, cherries, berries, pomegranates and nuts.

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