Aztecavo – Mexico

Aztecavo is a prominent Mexican-owned exporter of avocados.

Aztecavo has more than 20 years of experience in different avocado markets. Aztecavo manages optimal processes of collection and packaging, as well as national and international marketing of avocado. Aztecavo prioritises high standards of quality and supply, and competitive prices. We satisfy producers and customers with excellence in service, food safety, facilities, technology, strategic alliances and environmental practices.

Aztecavo began as a business exporting avocados to France. Later, its export program expanded to more countries, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Holland, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Japan and States United. Today, Aztecavo continues to look for more business opportunities with new customers, as it continues to expand in order to offer the best product worldwide.

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Antonio Villasenor
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