WMO Fruchthandel – Austria

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The marketing office of Westfalia Fruit in Austria was established in November 2016, confirming a further step in Westfalia’s strategy to create a closer link for customers to their international production base. The operation services the needs of selected customers in Austria and Eastern Europe.

WMO Fruchthandel is conveniently located in the south of Vienna, near to the city’s green market. Close cooperation with Westfalia Marketing BV and Euro-West in the Netherlands ensures that customers’ requirements are fully met by offering perfectly-ripened fruit to the preferred stage and in appealing, tailor-made packaging.

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Managing Director

Maria Gmainer

+43 1 615 0670

Sales Manager

Michael Bartosch

+43 1 6150670-17

Sales Manager

Biljana Vassileva

+43 1 6150670-18

Products we supply include: