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Guacamole and cauliflower hummus

Makes 600 – 750 ml Hummus is a popular chickpea paté typically served with warm pieces of pita bread or as a dip with veggies. It’s delicious on a sandwich or burger and well-known as part of vegetarian or even vegan meals. These days a range of other ingredients are added for new flavour profiles. Roasting cauliflower with the chickpeas,…

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Westfalia pesto

Makes about 250 ml A freshly made basil pesto can turn any dish into something special. The Italians prepare it with pine nuts and fresh garlic in a pestle and mortar, but this is the hassle-free Westfalia way. Instead of pine nuts, which are not always easily available in South Africa, sunflower seeds or flaked almonds are used. Westfalia Garlic…

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