Our Cultivar Clubs


Westfalia Technological Services (WTS), Westfalia Fruit’s R&D division based in South Africa, is continuously selecting and evaluating both avocado and mango fruiting cultivars to find cultivars that meet specific criteria determined by Westfalia’s greater strategy.

These criteria include:

  • finding cultivars of superior eating quality that mature either earlier or later than the current commercial cultivars to extend the season for both avocados and mangoes;
  • finding cultivars with a better fruit size distribution, colour development (mangoes) and disease resistance; and also
  • finding novel cultivars that assist in differentiating Westfalia from other subtropical fruit growers and marketers by the sheer variety on offer by the company.

​Once a variety is identified that meets the requirements, the material is legally protected. Only once protection is in place does WTS allow the controlled commercialisation of a cultivar by licensing growers in strategic growing areas, giving them the opportunity to grow the material.

A grower grouping or ‘club’ is therefore a collection of growers contracted to grow a certain number of trees of a cultivar. Technical support is provided to the grower by Westfalia, and WTS has the right to appoint marketers for the fruit to ensure optimal returns to the grower.

Westfalia has Grower Clubs for the avocado cultivars GEM® and Carmen®-Hass, and the mango cultivar Princess™, HoneyGold™ and Shelly. Contact Theo Bekker (WTS Operational Manager, Southern Africa, theob@westfaliafruit.co.za) with any questions regarding Grower Clubs.



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