Our Rootstocks

At Westfalia Fruit, research to develop disease-tolerant clonal rootstocks has been ongoing for more than 25 years. The objective is to produce uniform trees with superior tree health and yields. Success in this regard has been achieved by the development of the avocado rootstocks Latas® (Merensky 1) and Dusa® (Merensky 2).

These rootstocks have proven to show high Phytophthora cinnamomi (P.c.) root rot- and salinity tolerance. Dusa® has also attracted international attention as ‘Hass’ yields have proven to be substantially increased when using this clonal rootstock.

To date the commercial performance of Westfalia’s Dusa® rootstock has been unparalleled; with Dusa® being the top seller among vegetatively propagated rootstocks worldwide in recent years (vegetative propagation is also known as ‘cloning’ or ‘clonal propagation’).

The breeding of new rootstocks is a continuous long-term process which leads to periodic discoveries of superior rootstocks which significantly out-perform current standard rootstocks in terms of cumulative yield, but also added benefits such as root rot and salinity tolerance.