Branded Products

Avocado Oils

The range available in South Africa includes Plain avocado oil, as well as Garlic, Lemon, and Butter ​Flavoured Avocado Oils – all offering a healthy and delicious option for everyday food preparation.


Westfalia Guacamole is derived from the flesh of ripe Hass avocados. Carefully blended with a unique selection of herbs and spices, the range includes Plain, Spicy, Sweet Chilli Salsa and Biltong-Flavoured variants.

Dried Fruit

Westfalia Fruit’s dried mango is prepared from sound, choice-grade, succulent, ripened fresh fruit, which has been washed, skinned, cut and dried in an optimally-controlled hygienic environment.


The darling of chefs, domestic goddesses and foodie fanatics, the GEM® avocado delivers an outstanding eating experience. GEM® is an IP-protected avocado cultivar that can only be grown and traded under licence.

Avo Oil & Mac Oil Mayo

The range in South Africa includes Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and Avocado Oil Mayonnaise Lite, and Macadamia Oil Mayonnaise and Macadamia Oil Mayonnaise Lite. Smooth, luxurious and deliciously creamy.