Cherry delights


This sweet little fruit has been a part of the human diet for millions of years.

Archaeologists have even discovered fossilised cherry pits in prehistoric caves! They are easily traced back to ancient civilisations, such as Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Serving as a staple in rations for Roman soldiers, trees sprang up throughout the empire where soldiers scattered their pips.

Today, there are over 1000 cherry varieties in existence, and these fruits have become a popular addition to desserts, pies and fruit bowls the world over.

Cherries in Chile

Agricom exports cherries from the Rengo and Curico area where all the hand-picking, packaging and handling is done in our own packing house and cold storage facilities.

Nutritional Benefits

Packed to the brim with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, cherries have plenty of health benefits. They are also a source of fibre and minerals. Their antioxidants anthocyanins and cyanidin are good for reducing inflammation, and helping to prevent arthritis and other side effects. They may also reduce blood pressure due to high polyphenol content. The high concentration of phytochemicals helps regulate sleep.