Other Fruit

Westfalia’s marketing channels provide a large range of in-season subtropical, exotic and deciduous fruit as well as citrus, berries and top fruit to markets around the world.


Top fruit is a well-established part of our product portfolio. We source from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (including England) to deliver a year-round availability on all of the main top fruit varieties.

Over the years we have focused on working with a select group of growers that clearly understand the needs of our customers. On imported fruit we minimise handling in the UK by packing at source, enabling us to deliver fruit to the customers’ exact specifications at most efficient cost.


Satsumas | Clementines | Oranges, Lemons & Grapefruit | Limes

We have some of the earliest satsumas from Argentina starting in mid-March, two weeks before Uruguay and offering better eating with lower acidity.
We are also one of the last to finish from the Southern Hemisphere, having an extended season through until the end of July from Peru. The Peruvian fruit is recognised for its extremely good eating quality. On the peak of the season our growers in South Africa pick only the best for us. During the European winter we bring satsumas in from the best available sources throughout Spain.