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Westfalia Technological Services (WTS) is the research division of Westfalia Fruit and the largest privately-funded subtropical fruit research organisation in the world. The in-house dedicated team of scientists and technicians at WTS focusses on varietal development, innovation and environmental matters​.

​ ​WTS was founded in the 1980s and still operates on founder Dr Merensky’s principle of ‘research, experimentation and demonstration through the correlation of scientific knowledge’. Over the years, WTS has evolved and is now seen as a world leader in applied research dealing with ​subtropical crops, with specific focus on avocados.

​WTS supports and furthers the objectives of the greater Westfalia Group, addressing challenges and enhancing technologies in order to strengthen all links in the value chain, from propagation to consumer service.​

WTS is involved in the testing and commercialisation of avocado and mango plant material in more than 20 ​countries, in collaboration with various organisations and educational institutions.

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Avocado and Mango: Development of cultivars and Rootstocks

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