We are a leading global avocado company.
For over 75 years we have been the trusted supplier of fresh fruits and plant based products.

Westfalia Fruit is recognised as the ‘AvoExpert’. In addition to our wide range of avocado products, we supply other fresh produce including citrus, cherries, blueberries, & many others, to international markets.

Vertically integrated avocado supply chain from research to consumer.
Colleagues across 5 continents.
Founded by Dr. Hans Merensky.
The year we complete our journey to lifetime net zero.
Countries where we have offices, warehouses and orchards.
Why are we the AvoExperts? Let us tell you why.
We research & develop
We grow
We ripen
We ship
We process
We pack
We sell
We distribute
Our dedication to innovation and development is showcased through a wide range of innovations.

Serviced by our technical departments, we continually focus on new cultivar developments, product innovation, ecologically conscious packaging, and other sustainability initiatives.

Our purpose is to do good.
The people in Westfalia Fruit live our purpose every day.

Our team at Westfalia Fruit has the talent, commitment, and passion to do good. They truly live that purpose and make us a leading and innovative avocado company.

Meet the Executive Team leading the AvoExperts.
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Rian du Toit
Acting Group CEO
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Michelle Boniface
Group Legal and Governance Executive
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Paulina Criticos
Group Chief Business Growth Officer
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Sanet De Ruiter
Acting Group Chief Financial Officer
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Guido Paolucci
Group Chief People, Culture & Transformation Officer
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Johnathan Sutton
Group Chief Sustainability Officer
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Jana Van Schalkwyk
Group Strategy Manager
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Graham Young
Group Chief Operations Officer
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Wim Destoop
EU President
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Hans Eben
South America President
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Raina Nelson
North America President
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Zac Bard
Business Development Executive
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Andre Oosthuisen
Group Integration and IT Executive
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Danielle Willems
Group Communication & Engagement Executive
As we have grown and evolved over 75 years, our dedication to our founders legacy remains unwavering.

Our founder is Dr. Hans Merensky. His purpose was to do good. During his lifetime, he experimented with many environmentally sustainable agricultural systems. The success of these initiatives helped shape the environmental ethos of the company. It is maintained ever since.

Westfalia Fruit strives to minimise its environmental impact

We do so by reducing waste, carbon emissions, and the use of hazardous materials while using resources efficiently.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in the extensive array of accreditations and certifications we hold.

These accreditations and certifications play a pivotal role in guaranteeing that Westfalia Fruit's products consistently surpass industry and customer expectations.

Global presence
We grow our avocados across the world.

You can find Westfalia Fruit farms in major origins, including southern Africa, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, the USA, and India. Our global presence allows us to serve both retail and wholesale customers. Get in contact to learn what we can do for you.

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