GEM avocados cut

Westfalia Fruit has a positive outlook on the Dutch avocado market says Graham Young, Westfalia Fruit’s Regional Executive for Europe.

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“The Netherlands is expected to continue to be the largest importer and exporter of fresh avocado in Europe. The Netherlands’ own demand for avocado shall benefit from a positive increase within its population’s per-capita consumption, together with an increase in the penetration into the Dutch population. It is a very positive position for avocados to occupy within the nation’s shopping basket.”

He does not think that the green fruit’s popularity is reaching its limits. “Consumers’ love of avocados continues to grow, and we do not believe the market will be saturated throughout the year for some time. Indeed, supply over the whole year does not currently meet demand, even though as an industry we are developing new growing areas and orchards. For example, there are some very short distinct periods during the European summer months when the market is oversupplied.”

Graham thinks that avocados are no different to other fresh produce where it comes to market development. “Consumer trends are clearly showing demand for diversity. We have seen massive successes in diversity in berries, tomatoes, lettuces etc. Consumers are more open now to differences in taste, to niche, trendy and premium offerings. There is huge potential for niche offerings that will be very successful in avocados.”