While the world has stopped turning in any many aspects, there is never a moment’s rest for the World Avocado Organization (WAO). This industry body, which carries out promotions to raise awareness of avocados all over the world, has been hard at work on many projects, particularly during times of peak avocado supply.  With Europe registering record volumes from Peru in June, WAO’s efforts were focused on growing the market ahead of the volume increases. 

New ground was broken when WAO initiated avocado promotions in Russia, which is a relatively new market for avocados but one demonstrating huge potential for future sales.

Another first for WAO was its campaign in Finland, where avocados were promoted in leading retailer Kesko. Large promotions have also been hosted in Poland with Biedronska, a retailer currently serviced by Westfalia’s Austrian marketing office. In Germany, WAO partnered with Edeka to launch the Avocado Roadshow.

In another move aimed at boosting the popularity of avocados, WAO has released its second e-cookbook, Avocados in Bloom. The publication celebrates the visual beauty of avocados while exploring their nutritional bounty and great versatility.

Avocados in Bloom is an homage to the healthful, flavourful and beautiful fruit that nourished civilisations for millennia”, says Xavier Equihua, CEO of the WAO.

The easy-to-use Avocados in Bloom e-cookbook can be accessed here and below:

WAO’s first e-cookbook, The Wonderful World of Cooking with Avocados, is available here