Thanks to the hard work of farmers and producers, the first shipment of Hass avocado from Sonsón arrived in Japan a week ago – with the help of Westfalia Fruit.

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Thanks to the hard work of farmers and producers, a week ago the first shipment of Hass avocado arrived from Sonsón, Japan , through the company Westfalia Fruit, which was in charge of leading the business so that this product would travel more than 14,000 kilometers to the Asian continent.

According to Edwin Andrés Montes, mayor of Sonsón, “the avocado was grown here, it left the municipality, it arrived in good condition in Japan and it is already being distributed in different supermarkets, that means that we are opening borders and making a presence in other countries”.

The president also stated that in the short term he hopes that farmers can continue to improve their economy through the certification of farms, not only for the production and export of avocado, but also other products such as gulupa, cape gooseberry and Lemon Tahiti. .

“This is a development opportunity for the municipality, the idea is to continue it, continue opening markets and have the possibility that the hass avocado that we grow is recognized throughout the world,” added Edwin Montes.

In 2019, the Westfalia Fruit company put into operation a modern complex capable of packing more than 20 tons of avocado per hour. The challenge of the municipal administration is to improve the roads, so that the products are transported more easily.