08 Dec 2021
Introducing Westfalia Fruit GMBH
In January 2021, leading multinational avocado specialist Westfalia Fruit acquired a controlling interest in Hausladen Fruchthandel, a prominent family-owned fruit supplier headquartered in Munich, Germany.
Since November 2021, all formalities have been finalized and with the name change into Westfalia Fruit GMBH, the company is now an integral part of the Westfalia Fruit Group.

Westfalia Fruit GMBH has a strong presence in Germany and is successfully expanding to neighbouring countries including Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.

“I am proud that the Westfalia Fruit Group has been able to solidify its leading presence in Europe with the establishment of Westfalia Fruit GMBH. The experience and standing of the Hausladen family business have already proven to be a great asset to our global company and an important platform for our key growers across the globe”, says Alk Brand, CEO of Westfalia Fruit Group.

Christoph Buchner, member of the founding family and CEO of Westfalia Fruit GMBH adds: “with the transition from Hausladen into the Westfalia Fruit Group, we are set to grow our long-term relationship with our customers, who are now benefiting from the knowledge and experience from a global, vertical integrated company in combination with the premium service that we have been delivering since 1932”.

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