16 Dec 2020
Westfalia Fruit Colombia nominated for peace award
Westfalia Fruit Colombia recently received the honour of being selected as one of the 10 finalists for Colombia’s national “Emprender Paz” award, which honours efforts for peace.
The award is presented by the Social Group Foundation, in alliance with the Swedish Embassy, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Help in Action Foundation. The award recognises sustainable business activities that contribute to peace in Colombia, and take action against violence by assisting communities trying to survive in volatile territories in the country.

WFC was selected as a finalist out of 150 companies for its contributions to communities in Sonson, eastern Antoquia. WFC runs a programme for more than 90 small Hass-avocado producers here, helping these farmers to implement sustainable production and agricultural practices. By promoting social responsibility and assisting these growers to achieve compliance with industry regulations, WFC is helping farmers to produce quality, profitable avocados for export.

Watch a video on WFC’s nomination:

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