20 Jul 2020
Westfalia Fruit brings comfort and warmth on Mandela Day
This Mandela Day, Westfalia Fruit partnered with Merensky Timber to bring much-needed comfort to five communities in Limpopo, South Africa.

Together the local operations distributed over R10,000 worth of firewood to Ka-Mulaba, Dan Village, Motupa Village, Rapitsi Village and Nkowankowa. Community members were able to collect what they needed for cooking and staying warm from various identified points, including at Masa Day Care Centre, Hitekani Business Enterprise, and Hlayisekani Stimulation Centre. A lunch was sponsored and hosted for children at Hlayisekani, which supports people living with disabilities and Down Syndrome.

Westfalia and Merensky share a rich heritage built on the work of founder Dr Hans Merensky, whose legacy endures through the continued care of communities within and surrounding Group operations. Overcoming the challenges posed by #COVID19 this year, the #AVOEXPERTS and Merensky were privileged to honour another great legacy, that of #Madiba, by playing a part in uplifting disadvantaged communities.

Lunch is served at Hlayisekani Stimulation Centre
Lunch is served at Hlayisekani Stimulation Centre
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