28 Dec 2023
Bringing the first commercial shipment of Australian avocados to India
Westfalia Fruit India is delighted to announce the import of the first commercial shipment of avocados from Australia into India.
With the completion of trial shipments from Australia, market access for Australian avocados to India was recently confirmed.

Westfalia Fruit is working closely with Delroy Orchards, one of the largest growers of avocados in Western Australia to bring Australian avocados into India. Western Australia fits well into the Indian avocado imports calendar with fruit availability between November to March, complementing African import programmes from April to November. Westfalia Fruit, which commenced commercial imports and distribution of avocados through the Indian subsidiary in 2022, has established itself as the market leader and is currently the largest importer of avocados in India. Westfalia Fruit also works closely with all major national retail chains and e-commerce companies across the country, to develop awareness for avocados in India.

Zac Bard, Group Business Development Executive – Westfalia Fruit, says, “Westfalia Fruit has established itself as the market leader in India working across origins including Tanzania, Peru, Chile, New Zealand and now Australia. Regarded as the AVOEXPERTS, Westfalia Fruit works closely with growers across origins in offering consistently good quality fruit for the Indian market.”

“Westfalia Fruit has well established working relations with all major retailers and wholesalers across the country and Australian avocados will play a key part in offering year round availability to our customers. Sea shipments from Western Australia will play a key role in fulfilling the growing demand for avocados over the next 3 months” added Ajay TG, General Manager – Westfalia Fruit India.

With Hass avocados available all through the year, the demand for avocados will continue to grow and this also enables hotels and restaurants to now confidently add avocados onto menus. Over the last few months, Indian chefs, restaurants, caterers and street food stalls have started giving an avocado twist to their best selling Indian dishes introducing avocado dishes to a wide audience.  With the proximity of Western Australia allowing sea shipments into India, Australian avocados will soon be a key part of the Indian diets.

About Westfalia Fruit India

Westfalia Fruit India is a subsidiary of Westfalia Fruit, established in a joint venture with Sam Agri – India, Dvori-Or & Zohara Farms, Israel, to introduce Hass avocados in India and also other internationally accepted varieties that suit the Indian climate. Westfalia Fruit India markets Hass avocados India sourced from Westfalia Fruit’s global network of farms and the network of farms developed in India.

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