We Grow, Source & Ripen


Our avocados are grown then carefully tested for maturity before we hand-pick them from the orchards. Mature avocado fruit remains hard on the tree until it is harvested. This is one of nature’s small miracles that allows us to harvest the fruit, sort it and get it to market at optimal eating quality.


The Westfalia Fruit Group operates or is affiliated with many nurseries around the world. These nurseries are fully accredited and recognised for the provision of good-quality avocado and other trees.


Westfalia Fruit operates various avocado estates located on different continents. In southern Africa, farms are situated in the Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal provinces, and in Mozambique. The Group also has farming assets in North America and Latin America, as well as in Portugal.​ ​​​​​

We Ripen

The Westfalia Fruit Group specialises in the ripening of fruit to meet customer requirements. Sophisticated ripening facilities at many of its operations ensure that retail and foodservice customers can access ready-to-eat avocados year-round.

Westfalia’s ripening units in the Netherlands serve Northern European markets, as well as ripening facilities in France and the UK.

In South Africa, Westfalia ripens avocados and other fruit in two facilities– one in Gauteng and one in the Western Cape. These facilities that can serve sales offices as well as the food service industry across the country.

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